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Megan did a FANTASTIC job taking our input of likes and dislikes, and giving us a color palette for our kitchen that we love. It's amazing, how changing the color and texture, while leaving the design the same makes such a huge difference. When we complete this project in our kitchen, we plan to use Megan's services for a re-design of our master bathroom.

March 2020

Curtis & Melanie

Megan is such a talented and great person to work with. She has the rare talent of being able to look at your photos and come up with the perfect color to complement or tie together your decorating scheme. If you are worrying about whether she reallly can choose that color, don't be. Here first choices for my decor were perfect when I had been striking out during agonizing trips to stores. She is quick, answers any questions and seeks to please her clients. Her services and the value more than met my expectations. Before you stress over making the right choices, learn from me and give Megan a try before you begin your journey. I will definitely use her again

February 2020

Alice P.

I’ve worked with Megan from The Paint Palette Co., on a color project for my Master Bedroom and bath. She was very responsive, personable and a delight to work with. After receiving pictures of my home and getting information about how I planned to use the space, she went to work!! Within a day or two she’d sent back the color palette, which was GORG!! I totally loved the palette especially the ‘greige’ wall which went well with the carpet color in the room. She took into consideration the other colors I was using throughout my home. There are so many variations of grey, that choosing the colors on my own was becoming stressful. Having a specialist assisting really came in handy. The colors that she chose lent to a cohesive, beautiful design. I’m more than pleased with her level of professionalism, and will be choosing Meghan for my next project!!

February 2020

Darlene W.

It has been so great working with Megan! She is very responsive, extremely helpful and has had some great ideas! There's no way I could have done this without her help. I will definitely use her again on my next project.

February 2020

Bryan G.

Megan was very helpful in selecting a cabinet color for our kitchen remodeling project. My wife and I were having a hard time agreeing on a color that would match our walls. She suggested a color we could both be happy with. She also was helpful in floor, counter, and backsplash recommendations.

January 2020

Rick C.

Megan was so great. She helped us find the perfect paint colors for our bathroom. We only had to paint once and it was perfect. Thanks Megan!!! We will definitely use your services again.

December 2019

Ken F.

About The Paint Palette Co.

We started The Paint Palette Co. with one goal in mind: To completely transform the interior design industry and what it means to hire an interior designer.

Every client we have started out skeptical, so you're not alone. It's hard to see how it's possible for us to use photos to design your space or choose your paint colors. 

If we weren't confident in our ability to design your space from photos, we wouldn't have a business built around this philosophy.

From start to finish, you are completely guided through our design process. We've made our price structure simple and transparent. There are no hidden fees and you don't pay hourly for our time. We've already figured out how long it takes us to complete a paint color palette or kitchen and bath design, so we've priced it accordingly. The best part? If you don't like it or want us to change part of your palette or design, we will.. happily! In fact, we won't leave you until you are 100% in love with it. 

Once you checkout we send you a guide for taking photos of your spaces. Photos are important for a few reasons:

1. We need to see your lighting. When it comes to paint colors, your lighting is the most important aspect. Both natural and artificial.

2. We need to see what you currently have (that you want to change) because that leads us closer to what you do want.

3. We need to see your inspiration pieces. This is very important and why in our guide we ask you take many photos of your inspiration piece (something we can draw color from) at different angles, so we can use context clues to figure out the color scheme.

4. To see your layout and your design taste. Believe it our not, you already have a design scheme happening in your home already. You may be completely lost, but we use items you already have to figure out what you like. That just leads us closer and closer to a paint color palette and a design plan you will love.

We will keep in contact with you until you're sick of us and we respond almost annoyingly fast. We just want to make sure you are completely taken care of throughout this process and all of your questions are answered.

Once we have your photos and you've answered a few of our design questions, we get to work *quickly* on your plan. Paint color palettes are sent faster than kitchen and bath designs. 


Online Paint Color Consultations

We will email you a layout of your interior or exterior paint colors and why we chose them. You'll receive a detailed and custom plan for your spaces with the paint color (per manufacturer of your choice) (typically Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore) and the paint finish we recommend for that area. If you already have other paint colors you are trying to work with, that's no problem. We have all of the paint colors in our studio and we will make sure you're new paint colors cooperate with your existing paint colors. The plan will typically include room scenes of the colors we chose, a rendering of your new paint colors in your space (if applicable), as well as any design advice we have!

We have accounts and special discounts that we are happy to pass along to our clients. We don't mark anything up or make anything from your purchases, we just want to make sure you are completely taken care of. We will happily make changes to your plan either when you receive the plan or once you sample your paint colors. We also send large paint color sheets to your home (free of charge) to help you visualize your colors better.

Online Kitchen and Bath Designs

This process works a lot like our online paint color consultations, but much more detailed. It's more detailed because there is so much more involved. Once we have your photos and answers to your design questions (there are many more) then we get to work on your design plan. Your photos are so important for lay out purposes and its very important we understand your budget. We can do a $5k quick update design, a $10k-20k no change of layout design, or a $20k+ design where we completely change your layout, tile, cabinets, plumbing fixtures etc. We have a standard kitchen and bath design fee and we are not your contractor, so the only thing we gain from knowing your budget is how to give you the most accurate design plan. We will include: 

Rough Space Plan (we won't ask you to measure which means we can't give you an accurate space plan. It's up to you to confirm all designs and plans with your remodeling contractor of choice), Cabinet Color and Type (this depends on your budget - if you are painting or replacing), Knobs and Pulls

Counter top Selection (typically quartz or granite), Tile Selection (Floor and/or Walls), Tile Design, Accent Tiles and Design (Shower Niche or Backsplash Accent), Plumbing Fixture Finish and Selection, Simple Accessories We think Will Update the Space (Mirrors, Art, Etc.). We are local to the Atlanta, Georgia area so we have sources here locally. We are happy to put you in contact with them if you are local here also, so you receive our discount on all of your purchases (psst its usually less than Home Depot).

No more hourly designers. No more questioning if you can afford a designer. YOU CAN. We made it that way on purpose.

We hope we squashed all of your skepticism and we can't wait to work with you!