Designing With Black

Updated: Feb 4

Out of everything in my home, the design elements I never get tired of are all black. It's neutral, it's dramatic, it's everything I need it to be. It's not easy designing with black because you don't want it to overwhelm your space. Here's some examples of black in design and why they work so beautifully:

The Black Vanity

This is pretty obvious, but this works so well because it's the focal point. Everything around it (the ship lap, the tile, the mirrors) all have texture and interest, but no color. You also want to consider that when you design with black, that the object your painting has a more traditional detail. It gives a 'harsh' black, softer and more appealing lines. If you go for more straight lines (like a shaker), I would recommend going with a softer black paint color.

I see some antique furniture and I want to paint it black..Rolling Stones? No? Okay moving on..

Plain and simple. Find yourself a gorgeous piece of furniture in need of some love, and paint it black! The black is striking, and it brings it back to life. (salvagedinspirations)

The Black Kitchen.. yes please

This black shaker kitchen by The House of Silver Lining has me swooning! Why was she so absolutely successful with this black kitchen? Look at what surrounds it. Light, simple floors. White walls. Light, wood toned shelves. They are bringing in more textures than color. The black does the talking and that's what makes this so stunning. She brings more black accents in and draws your eye up with the black windows and then the black light fixtures, so your eyes aren't completely fixated on the cabinets. The gorgeous and perfect cherry on top is definitely the addition of the brass. Can you tell I love this?

The Black Exterior

Need I say more? Here's a few tips:

Reserve black for only specific types of architecture. Mid Century Modern, Craftsman, Farmhouse, and Modern homes are all beautiful when painted black. There are a few exceptions, but just kind of an overall rule. It's also great to add some wood tones to warm up the dramatic black paint color.

Black on a paint chip, is not black on your house. TEST SAMPLES. The sun makes everything so so much lighter, so be very aware of that when making a decision. Paint the color in a discrete area and look at throughout the day. You want to love it when it's sunny and when it's cloudy.

Here are some of my favorite black paint colors by Benjamin Moore:

Keep in mind that black paint colors are not all created equally. Some have brown undertones, some are more muted, some have gray undertones, and others have blue. If you're ready to add some black, or any color in your home, we would love to help! Just Contact Us & tell us all about your project.


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