How I Choose Paint Colors For Client's Homes *ONLINE*

Updated: Feb 4

THE MADNESS!!! I think the first thing my fellow skeptical folk like to ask me is: "how can you tell anything, especially colors, from photos?" and this is A GREAT QUESTION. Here is my very long, very detailed, probably a little bit annoying answer:

Because I just can! Okay! No, sorry I'm getting carried away. You might notice how many exclamation points I use.. it's my weird way of letting EVERYONE know I'm not mad and I'm speaking in a very happy and energetic tone!

I spent a very large portion of my design career working for a Benjamin Moore retailer where I worked in-store and in clients homes. I would have 10-20 clients come in a day that I would pick paint colors for. I got so good at choosing paint colors that before they even showed me their photo (just from their personal description) I already had a color plan formulating in my head. Then they would show me their photo (and I'm not talking high end photography here) and I would tweak a little here and there, but for the most part I had a plan and I was sticking to it! I would go to the color wall, pull the paint chips, lay them all down and BAM a custom, detailed paint color palette for their home! They were very shocked. I've had customers almost in tears, that would give me big hugs for doing this. They had been sampling color after color, they had this on their walls:

Yes you know what this is don't you? It's shameful! You should be ashamed! JK..

That's definitely what led me down this career path and starting my own business. I know I'm not changing the world, but I'm making people's lives easier and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I would talk to clients for hours about their homes, just hearing their horror stories and what they wanted for their space, but couldn't achieve on their own. Then I would pull together this color plan and they would look at me l like i was a magician! I loved it and I love how happy it makes my clients.

When you take multiple photos of your space I use context clues. I compare all of the photos to get a more accurate reading of the colors and the way your windows are facing. I can tell in your photos if your room is facing north, south, east, or west. That plays a huge part in my color selection. In north facing rooms, colors tend to be a little grayer! In east facing rooms they tend to more washed out and in west, a little warmer. There's so much going on in one photo that it helps me so much to have a few. Today I worked on a paint color palette for my client and in one photo her trim looked beige, but in the very last photo I was able to see that it was actually white and it was just a shadow. If your photo has a cast to it and the entire photo has the same effect, I know that it's actually just the artificial lighting in the space that's making it look that way, and I can see past it. There's so many little details I'm looking for, but these are just a few of the bigger ones.

I absolutely love what I do and who I do it for! My business is so new, but my clients have been absolutely amazing!

I would love the chance to be your color consultant! Visit this page and checkout, or let's chat about your project first!

(I promise to take it easy on the !!!)


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