How To Choose Paint Colors To Sell Your Home Without Hiring A Designer

Selling your home can be a really tricky process, depending on where you're at in life it comes with it's own difficulties. It could be your first home, which is difficult for the reason you've never done this before and you have to learn the entire process, or it could be your second or third home and in that case you have to sell your home. My goal for this post is to give you some tips on picking the right colors to sell your home and appeal to the most people. It'll be quick. It'll be painless. WHO HAS TIME FOR BACKSTORY JUST GIVE ME THE RECIPE SANDRA! Okay.. a little pent up anger about blogs. I'll be your new favorite. I not only have this insight because of being in the industry, but we are also getting our home ready to be put on the market.

Neutral palette. NeUTRAL. NEAUTRAL. Please keep the palette as neutral as possible. Just because your favorite color is camo green doesn't mean that Mr. and Mrs. Plain and Boring are going to suddenly fall in love with it. A little pop of color is never a bad thing, but for the most part keep the palette as neutral as possible. HOWWWEVER (gosh I'm so dramatic) if you are keeping the trim color and/or ceiling color than you have to take that into account. Every white has an undertone and if you don't pick the right neutral for your trim, it could be the wrong choice, not matter how neutral. Some whites have gray, green, pink, yellow undertones, so be very aware of that.

Cabinet color. This is an expensive section, I know that, but very important. Your style cabinets has a lot to do with what colors you can get away with. White shaker is an easy one, a lot of people still love that. Wood tone cabinets can definitely work, but the style of the door can't be 'country cookin' at grammy's house' (you know exactly what I mean), it needs to be more sleek and modern with updated pulls. If you have a more traditional style cabinet design, I would consider updating the pulls and painting them. If you have an island it's always nice to add a stronger depth of color on the island to help ground the kitchen. The important aspect is keeping your backsplash, countertop, and flooring color in mind. All of this applies to bathrooms as well.

Don't be extra. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to people that say they're picking a wallpaper to sell their home. WHAT THE WHAT? No no no. If you already have that then fine, but don't add something SO personal to sell your home. You have no idea who is going to walk into your house. If you must add wallpaper, choose an inexpensive textured (neutral) wallpaper behind your bookcases or in a small powder room.

Accent walls. Just, no.

Kids Rooms. This is a tough one because honestly people expect there to be some crazy colors in kid's rooms. If you've checked off this list, but have this one, that's okay! You're doing great and I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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