My 5 Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

The problem with blog posts like this is that it's based off of my opinion, my design background, and colors that I deem to be neutral. Keep note that my idea of a neutral paint color and your idea of a neutral paint color could be entirely different and that goes for any blog you see with someone stating their favorite paint colors.

It would be very easy for me to take my top 5 neutral paint colors and use those every time I do a consult, but what's the fun in that? There are no one size fits all and that's what makes my job both exciting, fun, and challenging.

The first thing I typically like to ask my client is: are there any colors you like or dislike? This is HUGE and a real tell all with the direction I'm going to take my paint color plan. I'm not designing a model home that we're going to replicate over and over until we just.. can't... take it.. any more. I'm designing spaces for clients, for personalities, for families, for haters of yellow or blue and lovers of earth tones. I'm not designing homes to be put in magazines. I'm designing spaces that my clients walk into and feel a sigh of relief because it's perfectly tailored to what they love.

And you thought I was just going to throw some colors out there and make this easy didn't you? Absolutely not! Each neutral paint color, or paint color in general, has a purpose behind it, and a specific client. I will also assure you they are not all gray.

This is psychology! With a little bit of marriage counselling, but I won't get into that right now..

Okay here we go....


Benjamin Moore York Gray

I know I said they wouldn't all be gray and I meant it! As you can plainly see, just because a paint color has gray in the name doesn't necessarily mean that it's gray. In this case York Gray is more of a 'grayed down' warmer tone. It has BOTH which is why I absolutely love this paint color. You can use it in so many scenarios and it works with almost anything. I say almost because each space I design a color plan for is so different, so there are many factors involved. Although definitely one of my favorites! It's such a bright, light, warm neutral.

Photo cred: makehomechange


Benjamin Moore Grant Beige

Earth Tones. UNITE! Grant Beige is just plain gorgeous. I've had clients that painted this in their homes 10+ years ago and still love it. It's neutral, it's warm, it does have some gray (and by gray I mean black colorant in the actual paint formula) and GREEN! It has a tiny bit of a green undertone and that's honestly why it goes so perfectly with earth tones. This color is an absolute classic and will never go anywhere.

Photo cred: Turan Designs Inc.


Sherwin Williams Jogging Path

It's warm, rich, and a little on the green side! 2020 has really brought out my love of greens and earth tones, can't you tell? Maybe it has something to do with the cold grays that have been filling my world for far too long. Jogging path is just perfect and paired with a soft, white trim it is a show stopper. I love the look of this color on this accent wall:

Photo cred: Sincerely Marie Designs

4. Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil

Okay, yes it's gray, are you mad at me? But look, it's stunning. It's light & airy, and sometimes that's just what we need.

Photo cred: Jillian Lare

5. Benjamin Moore Winds Breath

Okay. Imagine if soft, warm, bright, happy, fresh linen magically jumped into a can and turned into paint. THAT IS THIS. It's literally my favorite paint color and has been since I laid eyes on it. Should my husband be jealous? Its so light, yet so full of life. I don't recommend this paint color for darker or north facing spaces because it can get a tad cool. For a brighter area or sun room, its absolutely perfect.

Photo cred: ME! This is my house. Walls: Winds Breath Trim: Cloud Cover Door: Wythe Blue

Okay, if there's only one 'gray' on this list, I think I'm doing great! I don't have any harsh feelings towards gray, I just really feel it swept the nation by storm and people were painting their homes gray when they didn't even really love it! ALWAYS LOVE YOUR PAINT COLORS. I can say something is beautiful, Chip and Jojo can say something is beautiful, but if you don't love it 100 then don't bother with it. Believe it or not, you are your own color consultant, I am just there to guide you and create something beautiful out of what you already know and love.

**Please note that all paint colors can be adjusted, if a paint color is too light or too dark, ask for a sample of it lightened. Its the best way to get the perfect tone of color, in a lighter shade. Just because a paint chip shows a 'color family' it doesn't always mean that they are related and have the same colorants. They probably have different colorants and therefore, different undertones**


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