Why Should You Hire a Paint Color Consultant?

Updated: Feb 4

When you get the idea to paint a space in your home you typically follow the same process as everyone. You go online to look at photos of popular paint colors or you go to your local paint store to stare at their color wall with utter confusion. You pick a few colors you think look great, you purchase samples, bring them home and paint them on your walls. You're left with even more confusion and now you have a multi-color wall you have to paint over soon. Some tend to just pick the color they think looks best and go with it, only to be left disappointed when the painter leaves. 1. Because they don't love it and 2. Because it's no one else's fault and you just spent a lot of money to have this done. The Paint Palette Co. is completely rectifying this process. We know paint colors and we have this down to a science. We look at these colors all day and we realize that they look completely different no matter which space they're in. Your lighting (natural and artificial) and your furnishings make a huge difference with how the paint colors are perceived in the space.  They change throughout the day and we realize that. We don't expect you to know everything about paint colors or what an LRV is, so let us take that off of your shoulders. We also do everything online. You just checkout or Contact Us to tell us about your project. Our color consultant will send you design questions and tips for taking photos of your spaces, and then we choose your paint colors for you! We also don't leave you if you're not happy with it, we will make any revisions before and after you sample your paint colors. We also send you large 8x11 sheets of your colors directly to your home, and give you our discount at your paint store. We make it as easy as possible and we're there through the entire process. No more confusion. No more zebra walls. No more stress. No more designer hourly fees. Just happy clients who love their spaces!

Shop Color Consults or use the chat feature to talk to use about your project first! Our color consultant will reply and give you any details before you purchase anything. We can't wait to work with you!



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