Exterior Paint Color Consultation - Online

Exterior Paint Color Consultation - Online

A Custom Color Palette Design for an Exterior Home Includes:

Body Color

Trim Color

Door Color

Garage Color

Gutter Color

Deck and/or Porch Stain Color

Fence Color

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  • Online Paint Color Consultations

    We will email you a layout of your interior or exterior paint colors and why we chose them. You'll receive a detailed and custom plan for your spaces with the paint color (per manufacturer of your choice) (typically Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore) and the paint finish we recommend for that area. If you already have other paint colors you are trying to work with, that's no problem. We have all of the paint colors in our studio and we will make sure your new paint colors cooperate with your existing paint colors. The plan will typically include room scenes of the colors we chose, a rendering of your new paint colors in your space (if applicable), as well as any design advice we have!

    We have accounts and special discounts that we are happy to pass along to our clients. We don't mark anything up or make anything from your purchases, we just want to make sure you are completely taken care of. We will happily make changes to your plan either when you receive the plan or once you sample your paint colors. We also send large paint color sheets to your home (free of charge) to help you visualize your colors better.

  • Terms and Conditions

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